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Bus Logger

Bus logger is an desktop application to manage the daily fleet movement. It includes management of permits, booking, spare parts, oil consumption, tracking and other activities associated with any fleet. It acts as a log book for the user to monitor history, performance of routes, expenses, daily collections etc.

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Real Estate Application

A comprehensive web application for managing all the operations involved in real estate sale/purchase. The application also manages the promoters and advisers, their commissions, daily collections, the property owners their payment schedules, automatic reminders as SMS and Emails, bookings, files and records on project basis. Easy tree views to monitor the advisers, project amenities, security, also the marketing module manages DSR's, Campaigns, Material distribution.

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Radio Collar

The Binomial Research team is working to build and integrate radio collars for tracking of wildlife. These are enhance and advance radio collars and would provide extra edge in tracking wildlife at a much cheaper cost as compared to the current available alternatives.

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e-Rescuer is a hand held thermal imager designed specifically for rescuering of wildanimals in no light empowers the user with unlimited capabilities like, live effective viewing, realize real time video watching from far away, multiple viewing options via attached, display and smart devices and most importantly ensuring sufficient distance from the subject, hence safe.

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X-Mon is a highly flexible monitoring application. It designed to integrate with various hardware components and generate reports. The reports are based on the evaluation and analysis of the data collected and the tool presents data as valuable information. X-Mon furnishes to Strategic, & Operational data analysis & reporting needs across every vertical in the industry.It's a revolution in the field of man-less monitoring and supervision from a remote location.