“Every individual at "Binomial" is an intellectual triumph, a warrior, a mathematician, a metaphysician. Here we create new realms of technology, understand its various dimensions, focus on intelligent and efficient means to translate its relevance & value to the business...”

- Ravi, CEO, Binomial Solutions


"e-Eye®" Technology to Connect, Conserve and Save Wildlife. Protection of Tiger, Single Horn Rhino and other wild species.Prevention of Elephant deaths on Railway Tracks and the only solution to reduce #HumanAnimalConflict successfully.

"e-Eye®" an AI+ML based self learning application that becomes more efficient with its usage and builds its own intelligence on the given data. It is an intelligent monitoring system with high end thermal surveillance capabilities.

"e-Eye®" captures the pattern of moving animals. It can identify the direction, group density, average speed and movements of big group of animals.

Agro Tech

Artificial-Intelligence based drones collects data of the damage caused to farm topography, process it and makes it available for commercial purposes. Apart from that when integrated with ‘Agrowand’ (A product of Binomial) collects various parameters of soil and environment including NPK, moisture, temperature and other core elements. This makes, farming more efficient and profitable.

FarmGuage gives the analytical advantage to the system, by enabling identification of Diseases, Deficiencies of the crop/ vegetation and forecasting. Manage your fertigation, irrigation, environment and other parameters on single click.


Nuclear domain-specific cybersecurity comprising of security for Critical Digital Assets, by performing assessments on controls and vulnerability assessment, that provides comprehensive features for efficiently managing security controls and taking credits at remediation process.

Manage NVD complainces with our solution that brings features and functionality to improve the performance of security operations by allowing faster assessment, detection, and interception of threats.

Manage your NERC CIP Compliances with ease using TrackER™

Data Analytics

Interfacing and with Life Support System to ensure realtime data of all the patients are displayed and analyzed. Such information was used to draw infrences and suggestings related to the patient.

Application based on Hedera Hashgraph for collecting electrical substation node consumption data to ensure data integrity based on consensus between all known nodes.

Mytes "My Talent Empowers Strength" as the name suggests the software comes with a next generation capacity building program designed to transform an individual. The application works on a "4 quadrant and 16 strengths model" of an individual child, creates their StrengthIndex and enables him to reach the optimum by makeing him happy and stress free.

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Binomial Analytical Software enables complete diagnosis of Kiln Shell Temperature on real-time basis, enabling decision making faster and easier, reducing operational and maintanace cost and improving product quality.

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Electric Arc Furnace Health Monitoring

Overheating or any leakage in the bottom shell causes leaking furnaces which in turn reptures the coil copper tube. The molten iron along with cooling water causes explosion, leading to major accident and personal injury.

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Substation And Switchyard Monitoring

Substation Monitoring scans all equipment health conditions and helps in early identification of any breakdown. Sub-Station shutdown results in huge production loss as Iron Plant loses its power for multiple production units.

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Coal Handling Plant, Conveyor belt and Coal Pile

Early Warning Alerting system with continuous temperature monitoring of material on conveyor belt that may cause Fire or damages to plant, as conveyors are extremely important and failure leads to huge production losses.

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